Monday, June 14, 2010

How to Relocate a Chrysalis

Sometimes, a caterpillar chooses a poor location to pupate.  It could be in a dangerous spot for various reasons, or it might be in your way as you work with other caterpillars.  Also, occasionally, the chrysalises do not hold well and fall from their location.  In the above mentioned senarios, relocation of the chrysalis is needed so that the butterfly can properly develop.  But how can you do that? 

Well, first you will need a needle and sewing thread.  Cut off about 18 inches of thread to insure that you have enough. 

1st.  Tie a loop around the top tip of the chrysalis, known as the cremaster.  Tie a second loop to form a knot in the string.  The thread should be securely knotted to the cremaster.

2nd.  Use the other two ends of the string to tie a knotted loop. 

3rd.  Hand the string on a hook or nail in a safe well lighted location.  Your new butterfly should emerge in 10-12 days.  (see photos below)

Happy Monarching.

Caleb & Janae Warren

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